Admission - Al Raneem Private School

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Documents Required for Enrolment for new student:
· Birth Certificate + copy
· parent’s passport + copy
· Student passport + copy
· Father ID card + copy
· 6 colour student photographs – size 4 x 6
· Medical Form  (grade 1 only)
· Copy of the vaccination record .
· Copy of passport and visa (Expatriate student only)
· Copy of parent’s (both father and mother) residency card, passport and visa (Expatriate pupils only)
·  Electricity or water bill, to register the home address properly.

Documents required for students moving from another school:
· Transfer the student through the portal of MOE from the previous school of our school, and we cannot accept the student without it.
·  Form of evacuation from the previous school.
·  Last School report/marks (original copy).
·  Certificate of good conduct from the previous school for grades 8-12.

Documents required for students transferred from outside Sultanate of Oman:
· The student certificate must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign for that country and from the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in that country.
· Transfer letter from the MOE.

Admission Procedures:
·  Provide the required documents.
·  Pay Admission fees (non-refundable): R.O 25 (initial interview, acceptance test and final interview).
·  Appointment for the interview and test.
·  Acceptance: The registration department will inform you whether the students be accepted or rejected.
·  Pay Registration fees (non-refundable): R.O 200.
·  Pay R.O 200 (Deducted from the total fees).
·  Signing the student registration contract (term & condition, fee form and admission form)

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