Dress Code - Al Raneem Private School

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Dress Code

Girls’ Uniform:
KG : White T-shirt and Maroon blouse .
Grade 1-12 : White T-shirt, Grey blouse and white tabard Headscarf (optional)
Boys’ Uniform:
Grade KG : White T-shirt and Maroon Trouser or Short .
Grade 1 to 4: White T-shirt and GreyTrouser or Short .
Grade 5-12: Omani National dress - white dishdasha & kumma .

Girls: Black or Whaut colour Shoes, closed-in with rubber soles.
Boys:  Black or Whaut colour Shoes, closed-in with rubber soles. . Omani boys in Grade 10 and above may wear sandals.
Shoes that contain laces not allowed for the student safety.

Sportswear - P.E.
A special P.E. kit is available at school and this must be worn on all occasions required.

Aprons and Other Laboratory Safety-Wear
To protect clothes, eyes, hands, etc., during craft, cooking lessons etc. and laboratory periods, aprons and other safety-wear must be worn.

Nail varnish and make-up must not be worn.
Hair should be kept neat and brushed well off the face. Girls’ long hair is to be tied back at all times. Boys’ hair should always be kept short, above the collar.

Students may wear a watch (to be given to P.E. staff during P.E. lessons if required). Girls with pierced ears may wear one pair of small stud/sleeper earrings. All other pierced jewelry is not accepted. The school is not responsible for jewelry items misplaced or lost at school.
Exaggerated, provocative, unusual or colored hair styles / footwear / jewellery / appearance are not considered appropriate for school and will not be accepted.

Fancy Dressing:
The fancy dresses and improper drees are not allowed in school.
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