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Dynamic Learning – Hodder Education UK

Al Raneem Private school is a “Smart School” which believes in smart technologies. The students and teachers are using Dynamic learning with iPad, ebooks , Apple TV and Smart Board in the classroom for Grade 7 to 10, which ultimately  makes teaching and learning “interesting and fun”
Dynamic Learning by Hodder Education is providing digital services online through “Dynamic Learning” and ebooks and digital resources through “App Dynamic Reader” for IGCSE (Grade 9 & 10) and Cambridge Advance (Grade 11 & 12).
The Dynamic Learning is an online subscription platform that supports teachers and students with high quality content and unique tools.
It incorporates different following product types that aid to teachers and students both in order to make Smart classroom:
·       eTextbooks for Student
·       eWhiteboard
·       eLesson planning
·       Smart Quiz and tests
·       eMagazines
·       Revision and Question Practice
·       Teaching and Learning Resources
·       Homework resource.
·       Front-of-class teaching, assessment and independent learning
The Dynamic Learning is so much more than a bank of engaging educational resources. It’s personalised teaching and learning platform, so you can edit and personalise it to work in the way you want to use it.
Dynamic Learning can be accessed from any computer, tablet or phone which is connected to the internet and can be access on iPad through App - Dynamic Reader offline as well.

Dynamic Learning Platform allows to:
·       Use the Lesson Builder to plan and deliver outstanding lessons
·       Share lessons and resources with students and colleagues
·       Track student progress with Tests and Assessments Welcome to Dynamic Learning
·       600 titles available across 28 subject areas
·       Used by 50,000 teachers and 300,000 students
·       15,000 subscriptions worldwide
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