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Health Care Centre

Medical Information
Our medical office is located in the corridor  on the ground floor. If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child at our school, please feel free to come and speak to the school nurses.
The following notes are a brief summary on school health matters which you may find helpful:

Accidents and emergencies
Should your child require emergency treatment, every effort will be made to contact you. To assist with this, please keep the school informed of any change in your contact details. In the case of a serious emergency, an ambulance will be called on 9999 and your child will be taken to a government hospital as per their policy (usually al amirat  health centre).

Medical forms                                             
When your child starts at Al Raneem private School, you will be required to complete medical forms. Please return them promptly with all medical information provided. It is of utmost importance that the school is made aware of any condition your child has and any medication they are receiving. This will affect how they are treated in case of an emergency.

Consent for Paracetamol and medicine at school
If your child is in pain or has a fever at school, we can give Paracetamol to relieve their symptoms. You will be required to give signed consent on the health form for the school nurse to administer any other  medicine .
Students are not permitted to carry medicine with them under any circumstances. If your child needs medication at school, please hand it to the school nurse where it will be stored safely in the clinic. You will be required to sign consent for the medicine to be administered by the school nurse and your child will be required to come to the clinic at the appropriate time to take it. You may also provide the school nurses with medicine your child may need at school for an existing condition such as an inhaler for asthma, insulin for diabetes or an Epipen for allergies. (Epipens are hard to get in oman.) Medicine will not be returned to a student under any circumstances; it must be collected by an adult, either the parent / guardian or the teacher.
Fruit juice diluted in water
* Sweets, cakes and sweet biscuits are strongly discouraged.
* Fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not allowed.
To concentrate and function effectively at school, good health is one of the most important aspects. It is therefore important that if your child is unwell, they should rest at home and recuperate fully before returning to school. This is also to reduce cross infection of other students and staff. The medical team will not hesitate to send a student home if they are unwell or considered to be infectious.

Every effort should be made to have your child’s vaccinations up to date prior to them starting at Al Raneem private School. It is  required  that you submit a copy of your child’s vaccination record to the school. Students are  vaccinated from  ministry of health according to their age ,prior information will be send to parents and consents must be signed by the parents and submitted before the date of vaccination  if any medical  problem must be notified.parents are requested to make sure that their child is  present on the day of vaccination.

Health education
Students are educated by school nurse about  personal hygiene,healthy diet,oral hygiene etc through regular lecturers.

Snack boxes
To support your child’s concentration at school, please encourage them to have nutritious food in their snack boxes.
Examples of healthy  snacks are:
·  Any fruit
·  Yoghurt
·  Healthy drinks: 2 drinks should be packed of which one is water.
Milk (preferably not flavoured) Fruit juice (preferably not sweetened)
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