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PE and Sports are both an integral and essential part of the total educational program at the RPS. The Sports department aims to nurture and progress the skills of the students in a safe educational sporting environment. It is important that all involved - athletes, parents, coaches and administrators - act responsibly and cooperatively to ensure the success of the program.
  • Inclusiveness  (Every child MUST play)
  • Age-Appropriateness  (Right Skills at the Right Age)
  • All  programs are designed specifically to work as an international student.
  • They can operate in limited spaces and actively engage large class sizes.
  • The  scientifically designed, structured Striver program help physical education & sports get to the same level of rigor, focus and stakeholder involvement that exists in academic subjects in schools.

RPS provides an extensive program of competitive team and individual sports throughout the year. In addition to RPS school policies, the regular sports activities are organised by MOE.
RPS sports teams have performed very well among different competitions held under the management of MOE. That’s the reason RPS has been known for sporting school and excellence in its sports for many years.
The success of any sports and PE program is built upon a combined effort from students, parents, coaches and staff. Therefore, we encourage our students for regular sports and PE for healthier mind.
We love school sports in Oman, which is one of the reasons we work so hard to provide exceptional facilities, along with a wide range of exciting opportunities to get our students active.
Besides nurturing their athletic talents, this module inculcates a spirit of healthy competition and team work in students. Qualified trainers and coaches monitor the progress of every child, to ensure that they learn, and excel at, a wide range of sports and games.
Outdoor Activities     
Indoor Activities        
Lawn Tennis    
Table Tennis              
Physical Education         
Martial Arts      
A well-equipped Gymnasium (hall)      

Top Sports Teaching :
But great facilities aren't the only ingredient in the sporting education we provide at RPS. Young people need enthusiastic teaching, expert coaching and inspirational support to achieve their physical best.
That's why our sports teachers are all highly qualified, experienced professionals, with diverse backgrounds in a broad range of sports and activities. We in association with Striver (Provides online sports curriculum for grade 1 to 6).
We are dedicated to promoting school sports in helping students of all abilities achieve their very best whether it's on the stadium or in the pool. The state of the art stadium is ready whereas the swimming pool would be in place in next academic year.

Philosophy :
Striver program are designed around the core principles of
For more information about any of our sports facilities please get in touch with our sport team.
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