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School Bus Services

Transport is an integral part of the organization and we have always determined to give the best to the students availing the transport facility. The school has a fleet of buses which ply through the Amerat and surroundings areas of Muscat.
A Pre-requisite for signing a formal contract for the transportation of the school students is to provide busses with modern safety and security systems to ensure the safety of our children. This service provides busses with modern health and safety systems to ensure the safety of our children. This service is provided to all student from all governorates and regions of Al Amerat , Bosher and Muttrah .
A new School Bus Safety System “Digital Transport Supervision System” has been introduced at RPS to secures student’s safety with emphasis to:

1- A student tracking device: it follows the students as they get on and off the bus in morning and afternoon and sends an SMS to their parents.
2- A Sensor: that is fixed inside the school bus. It detects any movement in the bus once the students get off and alerts the school principal and transport manager by alarming repeatedly.
3- CCTV: Five monitoring cameras are installed in each bus, 2 for inside and 3 for outside.
4- Display: A screen to displaying the monitoring cameras.
5- Electronic Device:  A device installed above the backside seats of the bus that has to be closed before locking the bus, the driver will have to check that no student is left behind.
6- Tracker: A bus tracking device tracks the two-way itinerary of the school buses.
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